Ascension Rogationtide 2022

May 23, 24, 25, 2022 are the days designated for the Ascension Rogationtide. Three brief days of penance prior to the great feast of the Lord of the Ascension. A very interesting liturgical history of these days is noted at the link below.

Dom Prosper Gueranger, in slightly sarcastic mood.

“The main part of the Rogation rite originally consisted (at least in Gaul), in singing canticles of supplication whilst passing from place to place [..] We learn from St. Cæsarius of Arles that each day’s Procession lasted six hours; and that when the clergy became tired, the women took up the chanting. The faithful of those days had not made the discovery, which was reserved for modern times, that one requisite for religious processions is that they be as short as possible.”

More on the Rogation liturgical observance may be found here.